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On One Condition Conditioner in Canada

On One Condition Conditioner
8 fl. oz. Lime Squeeze
Retail PriceCAD$ 18.00
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Restore your hair’s natural luster. A wealth of nutrients, aloe, vitamin E, and castor oil (for absorption) to name a few, combine to restore hair damaged through daily exposure to toxins, free radicals, and daily living. Powerful moisturizers hydrate your hair and remove tangles without heavy, greasy residue. Nourished and rehydrated, your hair will thrive as you pamper it with AIM’s on one condition. For healthy, vibrant hair experience the deep cleansing properties of AIM’s sooner or lather shampoo and the restorative nourishment of on one condition conditioner – an unbeatable combination.
  • Hydrates deeply without heavy, greasy residue
  • Replenishes oils and nutrients diminished by our harsh environment
  • Leaves hair tangle-free
  • Absorbs thoroughly for maximum nourishment
  • Perfect hair treatment when combined with sooner or lather shampoo

Frequently Asked Questions about On One Condition Conditioner

What does “hydraplenishing” mean?
We have coined this term to express the unique hydrating properties of the ultra-pure water and aloe leaf juice combined with the nutrient-rich replenishing actions of such ingredients as vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant) and castor oil (for maximum absorption).

What kind of water is used?
This is an excellent question since water is the primary ingredient in each AIM dailyLife™ product. Our water is taken from an Artesian well located on the property where the products are produced. The water goes through an extensive purification process to ensure that absolute purity is achieved. Because our products are so effectively absorbed, we are careful that the water your skin and hair is absorbing is safe and pure.

Why does my hair feel so light and soft with this conditioner?
Most conditioners have a silicone base, which can build up over time. However, on one condition is a water-based conditioner that avoids build up through regular use and also leaves no greasy residue. The luxurious shine your hair reflects is the result of deeply nourishing the hair versus simply a reflective coating.

May I use this conditioner every day?
As with sooner or lather shampoo, and in concert with the shampoo, you may use this product daily.

Can on one condition be used as a “leave-in” conditioner?
On one condition was formulated to be rinsed out once it has been massaged into your scalp as a rich lather. We do not recommend using this conditioner on a “leave-in” basis.

Why do you use preservatives in this conditioner?
AIM is committed to keeping every product we produce as “close to nature” as possible. We have maintained our commitment with these products; however, the use of minimal amounts of preservatives in the dailyLife™ line is essential for safety reasons. Two factors come into play with the use of topical creams, washes, and hair products. Because the product is exposed to hands and air, there is a natural contamination from outside elements that can introduce bacteria or fungi to the product. A small amount of preservative ensures that these unwanted pathogens do not find a home in the product and infect the user. Also, the formulas contain very effective natural extracts, botanicals, vitamins, and amino acids, some of which can become unstable over time. To avoid the inevitable breakdown of certain powerful-yet-delicate ingredients, preservatives are employed to ensure the product’s efficacy and safety over time. Our goal has been to use the minimal amount of preservative ingredients possible, which, when all preservatives are combined, totals less than 1 percent of the formula.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use this conditioner?
We have formulated all our dailyLife™ products to be safe focusing on the use of natural extracts and vitamins. We do recommend that children only use these products under adult supervision since the products are only meant for topical use.
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