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Dr. Atkins on Bacteria

The following article is an excerpt from Dr. Atkins' Vita Nutrient Solution:

Beneficial Bacteria - Friends on the inside

"Louis Pasteur long ago theorized that having the right bacteria in the digestive tract was essential for good health, and modern science proved him right. But even Pasteur did not comprehend the full involvement of these "friendly flora" in disease and illness. Beneficial bacteria represent a minority among the trillions of organisms in the human intestines. The entire bacterial colony, which weighs up to three pounds, is so fundamental to overall health that it has been referred to as the 'forgotten organ.'"

"For most of history the significance of the bacterial community within our gut might have remained unknown, for nature intended the balance within it to be self-correcting. However, during the past fifty years the Western world has brought upon itself a new form of pathology whose consequences have forced the good bacteria onto center stage. The main villains in this drama are antibiotics, which indiscriminately destroy both bad and good bacteria. Their casual overuse upsets the digestive tract's delicate bacterial balance, giving an edge to certain of the more harmful microorganisms such as yeast, as well as enabling mutant microbes to emerge. Other disturbers of the bacterial balance are bad diet, stress, and environmental chemicals: for example, the chlorine and fluoride added to tap water that have the nasty habit of killing off our most beneficial bacteria."

The Good Guys

"To compensate for the negative effects of antibiotic therapy, wiser practitioners now advocate treating patients with "probiotics," the name given to beneficial bacteria. Besides promoting digestion and overall intestinal health, these organisms support our immune defenses and actually manufacture certain nutrients, including folic acid, biotin, and vitamin K. A deficiency of good bacteria may cause or exacerbate a number of ailments such as food allergies, as well as the many ensuing health problems. Repopulating the gut with good bacteria is vital for overcoming diarrhea and other bowel disorders and often will alleviate lactose intolerance as well."

The Three Musketeers

"There are many kinds of friendly flora, but I have three favorites: Lactobacillus acidophilus, bifodobacterium and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Studied more extensively than the others, these three appear to be associated with the most health benefits and are the ones I use most often in my practice. Let's take a quick look at each:
    Acidophilus: This probiotic inhibits the growth of the Candida albicans yeast, E. coli, and other harmful bacteria. By helping the body to make interferon, it also augments immune function. Though primarily a resident of the small intestine, acidophilus also is par of the protective flora in the vagina, where it's central to warding off yeast infections. Research demonstrates that eating yogurt containing active acidophilus cultures can decrease the incidence of vaginal yeast infections. In my mind, given the high sugar and carbohydrate content of most commercially available yogurts, acidophilus supplements are clearly a better choice.

    Bifidobacterium: The most important and most populous of the friendly flora, bifidobacterium contributes to lowering cholesterol levels, preventing food poisoning, digesting lactose, and making many B vitamins. From its main residence in the large intestine, this probiotic also lowers blood levels of ammonia (which is toxic to the body) and wards off many other harmful compounds. It may be extremely helpful in combating lactose intolerance. Before taking a trip to a foreign country, load up on bifidobacterium supplements. They offer your body maximum protection against the many strange or new bacteria that can cause traveler's diarrhea.

    Bulgaricus: This probiotic may stimulate the immune system more than acidophilus. In an encouraging study of one hundred cancer patients, the bulgaricus strain known as LB-51 showed very impressive results as an adjunct treatment for a range of cancers. It enabled the patients to live longer, stopped or slowed tumor growth, and halted the cancer's spread through the body."

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