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Dr. Atkins on Garlic

The following article is an excerpt from Dr. Atkins' Vita Nutrient Solution:


"This pungent bulb deserves four chapters, not four paragraphs. One of the best-studied plants in the world, garlic is a veritable panacea whether eaten as a food or used as a medicinal extract. Its array of benefits is staggering. For starters, it boosts immune function, favorably modifying the course of almost any infectious disease. It lowers high blood sugar and might increase the bodyís metabolism enough to promote weight loss. Big doses of the extract may even help to prevent cancer."

"Garlicís most exciting use, I think is in cutting back the risk of heart disease. It lowers cholesterol, prevents blood fats from sticking to artery walls, and reduces high blood pressure. It also inhibits the bodyís release of thromboxane B2, a substance that constricts blood vessels and bronchial passages."

"Whatís the best way to get your garlic? Any way thatís convenient. If you donít like the taste or canít eat it every day, try an extract of aged garlic, either in a capsule or as a liquid. Odorless and tasteless, itís the form that researchers have studied most extensively. Because the herbís healing strength increases proportionately with the dose, supplements are the better therapeutic choice. I recommend taking 2400 to 3200 mg every day."

"Beware of products that promote their allicin content. Allicin is a short-lived substance formed by crushing fresh garlic. It is not absorbed by the digestive tract Ė and for good reason: it damages red blood cells and irritates body tissues, lab studies report."

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