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Frequently Asked Questions about Cell Wellness Restorer

CellWellness Restorer Is AIM Cell Wellness Restorer safe me for children? Would it be a problem if they drank any water with AIM Cell Wellness Restorer in it?
AIM Cell Wellness Restorer is safe for children. As with most bath additives, consumption is not recommended. We do not believe there would be any problems if a child inadvertently consumed some, especially since it would be highly diluted.

I have noticed crystals forming around the lid of my AIM Cell Wellness Restorer. What are they and why have they developed?
A laboratory analysis has determined the crystals to be ammonium magnesium. These crystals appear to develop because of the special mineral combination and processing method used to make the product. The crystals are completely nontoxic and slowly dissolve when exposed to water.

We have found that in some cases, these crystals form in AIM Cell Wellness Restorer when the lid is not on tightly or when your bottle of AIM Cell Wellness Restorer is exposed to air for an extended period of time.

What is desalinated seawater?
It is seawater that has had most but not all of the naturally occurring salt removed.

Can AIM Cell Wellness Restorer be added to a hot tub, Jacuzzi, or jetted tub?
AIM does not recommend doing this until you check with your local hot tub dealer for a professional opinion. AIM will not take responsibility for any adverse effects it might have on your filters and pumps.

How much should I put in a hot tub?
There is no set guideline for mixing AIM Cell Wellness Restorer in large quantities of water. Use your own discretion.

Is AIM Cell Wellness Restorer for soaking purposes only, or is it okay to use soap with it?
You may bathe in a bath containing AIM Cell Wellness Restorer, soap does not affect AIM Cell Wellness Restorer.

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