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AIM ReAssure delivers results!

Several years ago, before I began to take AIM ReAssure, I developed the signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarge prostate gland). I experienced seven symptoms:
  • a frequent urge to urinate
  • interrupted flow (urinating in waves rather than a steady stream)
  • weaker-than-normal urine flow
  • dribbling after urinating
  • excessive urinating at night
  • a sensation of not completely emptying my bladder
  • and a sudden, uncontrollable urge to urinate
When AIM introduced AIM ReAssure, I tried it immediately and WOW! I got great results with all the symptoms, and it only took a couple of weeks to build up enough in my system for it to start working. I know it is AIM ReAssure that is making the difference because several times I have forgotten to take it with me when I travel and the symptoms always came back. Yet when I start taking AIM ReAssure again, the symptoms go away. Needless to say, I never forget it anymore when I travel.

Since switching to AIM ReAssure, I've learned it works through three mechanisms; as an anti-inflammatory; a muscle relaxant (the prostate is a muscular gland); and as an antioxidant; whereas, saw palmetto works only through one mechanism, which is probably why it was not nearly as effective.

This problem affects more men than they are likely to admit - approximately 50% by the time they reach age 50. I started using AIM ReAssure at around age 54, and I believe I addressed the problem before an infection set in because I never had fever or pain. However, had AIM ReAssure been available sooner, and knowing what I now know, I would have started using it much earlier as a preventative health measure to keep my prostate gland in good order BEFORE symptoms had a chance to develop. I believe that the longer I can keep prostate problems subdued with AIM ReAssure the more likely I will be able to halt the progression of prostate cancer.

I hope this information will help encourage someone else, and that they get the same positive result that I did.

Don H.

AIM ReAssure AIM ReAssure SP
This unique product is an excellent supplement to help maintain prostate health as men age. Extracts used include saw palmetto berry extract, pumpkin seed oil, zinc nitrate, and lycopene to maintain prostate health.
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