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Adding Fiber to Your Diet

If you have diverticular disease which includes symptoms of occasional constipation, it's important to include high-fiber foods in your diet. Although fiber does not contain vitamins, minerals, or nutrients, it serves a vital function. Fiber itself adds bulk to keep other foods moving along the digestive tract, and it holds water which, in turn, softens the stool for easy elimination.

Fiber comes in two different forms: soluble and insoluble. While they work differently, both are needed for proper bowel function. All fiber sources contain both kinds of fiber in varying amounts.

How can you get enough fiber in your diet? The secret is to eat a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of high-fiber foods.

You don't have to totally rearrange your diet to accommodate more fiber. One way to start is with one or two tablespoons of bran every morning, building up to a half-cup a day. You can also substitute high-fiber foods for low-fiber ones. Switch your bakery habits from white bread and rolls to whole-grain breads. Try brown instead of white rice. And most easily of all, add fruits and vegetables to your diet.

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