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Frequently Asked Questions about Flora Food

Flora Food Who should use AIM FloraFood®?
Anyone concerned about digestive health should consider using AIM FloraFood®. You should definitely take it if you are undergoing or have recently undergone an antibiotics course, as antibiotics destroy friendly bacteria. Those who are traveling can also greatly benefit. Anyone exposed to stress could also benefit, since stress upsets our digestive tract.

Why doesn’t AIM FloraFood® need to be refrigerated?
The bacteria in AIM FloraFood® are stable at room temperature due to the unique and proprietary processing methods used in its manufacture. Therefore, AIM FloraFood® does not require refrigeration.

The reason other probiotics DO require refrigeration is similar to why we refrigerate our food; it slows down how quickly the probiotic spoils. However, the process is only slowed down, not suspended, and this does not guarantee that at the time of consumption, you are not taking ineffective, dead bacteria. Due to our sophisticated and careful processing method, our bacteria are dormant and do not become active until introduced to moisture, as when consumed with a liquid.

May children and pregnant and lactating women take AIM FloraFood®?
Yes, they may. Both children and pregnant women should take the usual suggested serving of one to two capsules per day. However, when using dietary supplements, it is recommended that you consult your healthcare practitioner. This is especially important for pregnant and lactating women.

Is there anyone who should not use AIM FloraFood®?
It is considered safe for everyone; however, diabetics using AIM FloraFood® should be monitored carefully as blood sugar levels may fluctuate and insulin intake may need to be regulated. When using dietary supplements, it is recommended that you consult your healthcare practitioner.

Will there by any side effects?
AIM FloraFood® is completely safe. However, some detoxification may occur. Please see our detoxification data sheet for more information. Pregnant and lactating women should always consult a healthcare practitioner when adding new supplements to their diet.

May I take AIM FloraFood® with AIM PrepZymes® or other products?
You may take AIM FloraFood® with other AIM Products. AIM FloraFood® and AIM PrepZymes® are both best taken with meals. However, AIM Prepzymes® will break down the bacteria in AIM FloraFood®, so take these products with alternate meals.

What is the source of the bacteria found in AIM FloraFood®?
All three strains of bacteria in AIM FloraFood® are cultured in a laboratory environment from friendly bacteria derived 30 years ago from a healthy human source.

Flora Food AIM FloraFood
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