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GardenTrio: Product Information

Garden Trio AIM Garden Trio® is three all-natural, vegetable juice powder concentrates that help provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your good health.


Juicing is separating the juice of a fruit or vegetable from its fiber. It is a means of receiving optimal nutritional benefit from the fruits and vegetables we eat.

Although there is value in eating raw fruits and vegetables, juicing provides a means to ensure that we are able to ingest and absorb the maximal amount of nutrients available.

Studies show that juice can provide most of the basics of human nutrition, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, as well as phytochemicals and enzymes. Phytochemicals are simply plant chemicals that are thought to be essential to health. They have been found by the American Dietetic Association to be beneficial in at least four of the leading causes of death—cardiac disease, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Enzymes are essential for the thousands of chemical reactions that occur throughout the body—the production of energy at the cellular level, the facilitation of digestion, the absorption of digested nutrients, and the rebuilding and replenishing of all that the body requires for metabolism to occur.

How healthy is juicing? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, three raw carrots (216 g, or a little less than one half pound) contain about 2 g of protein, 21 g of carbohydrates, 60 mg of calcium, 1 mg of iron, 696 mg of potassium, 60,000 International Units (IUs) of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene, 19 mg of vitamin C, 30 mcg of folate, and traces of many more vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Norman W. Walker (1981) explains that a diet without fresh, raw vegetable juices is deficient. This is because when raw vegetables are eaten instead of juices, a large amount of them is used as energy during the digestion and absorption processes. Juices are ingested and assimilated within 15 minutes and this enables the nutrients to be used almost in their entirety for the nourishment of the cells.

In 1976, he said, "Juices are very liquid food, mostly organic water of the finest quality with nourishing atoms and molecules in comparatively microscopic volume. It is the microscopic volume for which the cells and tissues are starved!"

AIM BarleyLife —a green vegetable juice

Before green grasses undergo the reproductive cycle that creates the grains, they are in the grass stage, and the grasses contain about the same vitamins and minerals as dark green vegetables. When grasses are harvested at a young age, they have a different chemical makeup from their adult counterparts. Young barley grass contains a wide spectrum of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, and alkalizing substances. When these grasses are juiced and concentrated, as in AIM BarleyLife®, they are far superior nutritionally. For example, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Nutrient Database, barley contains 22 International Units (IUs) of vitamin A per 100 g and barley flour contains no vitamin A.

AIM BarleyLife, however, contains nearly 20,000 IU of vitamin A per 100 g. To use another example, barley contains 33 mg of calcium per 100 g and barley flour contains 32 mg of calcium per 100 g. AIM BarleyLife® contains more than 800 mg of calcium per 100 g.*

Research has found that green barley extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, immune system support, and cholesterol-lowering effects.

AIM BarleyLife® is produced in the clean, green, pristine lands of New Zealand and Canada. While American soil, water, and air have become increasingly devoid of nutrients and polluted from chemicals, the soil, water, and air in New Zealand and Canada are richer and purer than in many places in the world.

The barley used for AIM BarleyLife® is grown from a variety of seed that allows for the longest harvest window and is residue-free. The leaves are harvested with state-of-the-art equipment when their nutrients are most potent and alive. The leaves are then juiced (not milled, as in many other barley grass products) and processed using the most advanced and efficient cold-processing methods for maximum freshness and nutrition. The juice is spray-dried, using a special, low temperature process. This preserves the delicate balance of nutrients and phytochemicals.

AIM Just Carrots™—a carrot juice

It is well-established that carrots are a healthy food. They contain many important nutrients-beta carotene and other carotenoids, B vitamins, vitamin C, the minerals calcium and potassium, and much more. Of all of these, it is beta carotene that traditionally has received the most attention.

Beta carotene is one of about 500 similar compounds called carotenoids that are present in many fruits and vegetables. The body changes beta carotene into vitamin A, which is important in strengthening the immune system and promoting healthy cell growth. However, beta carotene is much more than the precursor to vitamin A. Only so much beta carotene can be changed into vitamin A, and that which is not changed contributes to boosting the immune system and is also a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants fight free radicals and help prevent them from causing membrane damage, DNA mutation, and lipid (fat) oxidation, all of which may lead to many of the diseases that we consider "degenerative."

AIM Just Carrots has one of the highest sources of natural beta carotene-up to 700* percent of the U.S. government's Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). Drinking one glass of AIM Just Carrots provides you with 35,000* IUs of beta carotene. In addition to beta carotene, AIM Just Carrots contains vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. AIM Just Carrots is monitored for maximum nutrient levels.

AIM Just Carrots® has one of the highest sources of natural beta carotene—up to 700* percent of the U.S. government’s Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). Drinking one glass of AIM Just Carrots® provides you with 35,000* IUs of beta carotene. In addition to beta carotene, AIM Just Carrots® contains calcium and potassium. AIM Just Carrots® is monitored for maximum nutrient levels.

*These figures vary depending on variations in carrot crops due to climate, soil, and times of harvest.

AIM RediBeets — a beet juice

One cup of raw beets contains phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium as well as vitamin A, niacin, folic acid, and biotin. When these nutrients are captured in a juicing process, they remain in a form that is much easier to assimilate than synthetic nutrients. The iron in beet juice, in particular, is noted for being more easily assimilated than other forms of iron supplements.

Potassium, in particular, is essential for all cellular functions. Along with sodium, it regulates water balance and acidity-alkalinity balance in the blood and tissues.

It is often depleted with aging, in degenerative disorders, and with a highly refined diet that is high in sugar.

Historically, beetroots have been known to have medicinal properties, specifically anti-hepatotoxic effects, that is, the ability to counter damaging effects on the liver. For the past three or four centuries, it has been thought to be beneficial for the detoxification of the liver, and it was used for the treatment of hepatitis. The exact mechanism by which beets support the liver remains unknown; however, theories suggest that they effectively limit fat deposits in the liver, probably because of their high concentration of betaine.

Betaine is often referred to as the lipotropic factor because of this ability to help the liver process fats.Betaine also plays a role in reducing homocysteine.

High levels of homocysteine are associated with cardiovascular disease, so betaine is thought to support cardiovascular health.

Beets also contain biochanin A, a potential cancerfighting agent.

Dr. Walker (1981) suggests that beet juice is helpful for menstrual problems and more specifically during menopause. And in Indian medicine, it is used for coughs and infections.

The half pound of beets used to make one teaspoon of AIM RediBeets® is residue-free. When the beets are processed to separate the juice and its valuable nutrients from the fiber, the beets are not subjected to high temperatures that may damage their nutrients.

AIM RediBeets® offers a convenient way to achieve an improved diet through regular consumption of vegetables.

Suggested Reading

  • Blauer, Stephen. The Juicing Book. Garden City Park, NY: Avery Publishing Group, 1989.
  • Heinerman, John. Encyclopedia of Healing Juices. West Nyack, NY: Parker Publishing Co., 1994.
  • Walker, Norman W. Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices: What’s Missing in Your Body? Prescott, AZ: Norwalk Press, 1981.

How to use AIM GardenTrio

  • You may take the members of the AIM GardenTrio individually or combined.
  • Mix with water or juice.
  • Drink immediately after mixing.
  • Best taken on an empty stomach: 30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal.
  • Because heat and acidity can affect enzymatic activity, it is recommended that the AIM GardenTrio not be taken in any of the following: cranberry or prune juice, carbonated drinks, or hot drinks.
  • You may mix the AIM GardenTrio with other AIM Products. To receive the greatest absorption of nutrients, take AIM Herbal Fiberblend 1 hour before or 30 minutes after taking the AIM GardenTrio.
  • Close tightly after opening and store in a cool, dry, dark place (70-75 degrees F; 20.1-23.8 degrees C). Do not refrigerate.

  • Take 1 tbsp, 2 to 3 times per day. Many people start with 1 tsp per day and gradually increase their serving every 4 to 5 days. You may take more or less depending on your needs.
  • Take 1 tbsp, 1 time per day. You may take more or less depending on your needs.
  • Take 1 tbsp, 2 times per day.
  • Because beet juice can have a strong effect on some individuals when they use it for the first time (dizziness due to detoxification), it is suggested that you start with half the recommended serving. Do not exceed 2 servings per day without the advice of your health practitioner.
  • Diabetics and those concerned about blood glucose levels should consult a health practitioner before using AIM RediBeets.

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