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Frequently Asked Questions about PrepZymes

PrepZymes Who should use AIM PrepZymes?
If you believe that you are not digesting foods well, you should use digestive enzymes. In addition, we have fewer enzymes as we age, so we should always consider using digestive enzymes as we grow older.

May children use AIM PrepZymes?
Yes, they can. Both children and pregnant women should take the usual adult serving of one capsule before or during each meal. However, when using dietary supplements, it is recommended that you consult your healthcare practitioner.

Is there anyone who should not take AIM PrepZymes?
Yes, it is recommended that those with gastritis or gastric or duodenal ulcers not use AIM PrepZymes.

If we take enzymes orally, aren't they destroyed by stomach acid before they can do anything?
According to Santillo, this is not true. In his book Food Enzymes, he cites university research that has shown that supplemental enzymes pass through the stomach uninjured. In one study, the enzyme amylase digested starch in the stomach and then moved into the small intestine, where it continued digestion.

Santillo also notes that foods are predigested by enzymes in the upper portion of the stomach, which is known as the cardiac stomach. According to Gray’s Anatomy, "The cardiac portion of the stomach is a food reservoir in which salivary digestion continues. The pyloric [lower stomach] portion is the seat of active gastric digestion."

What is the source of the enzymes found in AIM PrepZymes?
The enzymes found in AIM PrepZymes are cultured from Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus oryzac, two types of fungi.

How many active units does each enzyme have?
AIM PrepZymes was specially designed to meet specific needs, and the exact amount of active units for each enzyme is proprietary information.

May I take AIM PrepZymes with other AIM products?
Yes, you may.

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