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    GarlicAIM in Canada

    90 Vegan Capsules
    Retail Price CAD$ 33.00
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    GarlicAIM is a dietary supplement that targets cardiovascular health with a unique combination of three types of garlic. How is GarlicAIM Unique?
    • Combination of both garlic bulb and leaf
    • High adenosine content
    • High y-glutamyl peptide content
    • Wild garlic leaf that has never been domesticated
    • Includes fermented black garlic

    The cardiovascular system consists of blood vessels and the heart. Blood circulates throughout this system, supplying all body organs and tissues with oxygen and nutrients and a pathway for the removal of waste products. Unhealthy lifestyle choices are major factors in cardiovascular disease. Smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise contribute to making cardiovascular disease the biggest killer in North America. Changing your lifestyle choices along with adding garlic to your dietary intake can help you maintain your cardio health.

    Key Benefits and Features
    • May help maintain cardiovascular health
    • Provides all the benefits of regular garlic and more
    • May increase immune health
    • Exhibits antioxidant activity
    • 90 vegan capsules


    Whole Body Health
    Juicing Health
    Digestive Health
    Cardio Health
    Immuno Health
    Neuro Health
    Women's Health
    Men's Health
    Lifestyle Health
    Senior's Health

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