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    Products of AIM Canada

    We are independent distributors of AIM Canada. The AIM International product line offers the highest quality food & juicing concentrates, herbal supplements and health products available on the market.

    The products listed on this page are available for sale to our Canadian customers. All prices are shown in CAD$ and are exclusive of GST and shipping charges.

    Please note:
    AIM Products in Canada
    AIMega in Canada AIMega Omega 369 Capsules
    AIMega is a superior blend of omega-3,-6, and -9 in a convenient soft gel capsule.
    Retail Price 39.50
    Your Price 32.00
    BarleyLife in Canada AIM New Harvest BarleyLife Powder
    AIM BarleyLife is a superior green barley powder. Highly nutritious and packed with chlorophyll; contains no sweeteners.
    Retail Price 68.00
    Your Price 55.00
    BarleyLife Xtra AIM BarleyLife Xtra for great taste
    The best tasting, all natural, green barley juice on the market today—AIM BarleyLife® Xtra.
    Retail Price 73.00
    Your Price 60.00
    BarleyLife Xtra Pineapple AIM BarleyLife Xtra for great taste
    AIM BarleyLife Xtra in a new pineapple flavor. Available for a limite time.
    Retail Price 59.00
    Your Price 49.00
    BarleyLife in Canada AIM BarleyLife Capsules
    Vegan capsules which capture consistently higher levels of nutrition.
    Retail Price 57.50
    Your Price 47.00
    BioVivify n Canada AIM BioVivify in Canada
    AIM BioVivify is a dietary supplement that can improve the health of the skin, hair and nails through the power of AstaReal® astaxanthin, L-proline, glycine, L-lysine, biotin and vitamin C.
    Retail Price 43.00
    Your Price 36.00
    CalciAIM in Canada AIM CalciAIM
    CalciAIM is a natural citrus drink mix that provides several nutrients crucial to proper skeletal function and overall wellness.
    Retail Price 51.00
    Your Price 42.00
    CellSparc in Canada AIM CellSparc360
    Combines 60 mg of CoQ10, 6 mg Vitamin E and Fish Oil to give you one of the highest quality CoEnzyme Q10 products on the market.
    Retail Price 48.50
    Your Price 40.00
    Cocoa Leaf Greens in Canada AIM Cocoa LeafGreens
    Combines barley leaf, spinach, kale, arugula, Swiss chard, and broccoli sprout powder. Also contains a three-part mixture of cocoa powders: organic cacao powder, organic cocoa powder and alkalized cocoa.
    Retail Price 55.00
    Your Price 45.00
    Composure in Canada AIM Composure
    A combination of relaxing herbs, helps maintain neuro health.
    Retail Price 33.00
    Your Price 27.00
    CranVerry in Canada AIM CranVerry
    A sugar-free cranberry juice concentrate, helps maintain a healthy urinary tract. Each caplet contains 570 mg of dried cranberry juice concentrate.
    Retail Price 34.00
    Your Price 29.00
    Fit 'n Fiber in Canada AIM Fit n Fiber Orchard Peach
    Provides eight grams of prebiotic fiber per serving.
    Retail Price 52.50
    Your Price 43.00
    Flora Food in Canada AIM FloraFood
    AIM Flora Food is a unique and potent probiotic with 3 friendly bacteria to aid digestion.
    Retail Price 44.50
    Your Price 36.00
    Frame Essentials in Canada AIM Frame Essentials
    Contains of glucosamine complex blended with MSM and boswellin extract. This unique formula provides you with an all-around product to maintain healthy joints and help battle osteoarthritis.
    Retail Price 39.50
    Your Price 32.00
    GardenTrio in Canada AIM Garden Trio Powder
    These barley, beet and carrot juicing concentrates are perfect for any juicing program.
    Retail Price 156.50
    Your Price 128.75
    GarlicAIM in Canada GarlicAIM
    GarlicAIM provides a unique combination of garlic bulb extract, fermented black garlic bulb and alpine wild garlic leaf.
    Retail Price 33.00
    Your Price 27.00
    GinkgoSense in Canada AIM Ginkgo Sense
    GinkgoSense for memory and vision health is a dietary supplement that can support mental concentration and filter blue light waves.
    Retail Price 38.00
    Your Price 31.00
    GlucoChrom in Canada AIM GlucoChrom
    Combines vanadium, gymnema sylvestre, bitter melon and chromium to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
    Retail Price 30.00
    Your Price 25.00
    Herbal Fiberblend in Canada AIM Herbal Fiberblend Powder - Raspberry
    A combination of the soluble fiber psyllium and cleansing herbs - helps maintain bowel regularity and other benefits. New formula: without cascara sagrada and licorice.
    Retail Price 52.50
    Your Price 43.00
    Herbal Fiberblend Caps in Canada AIM Herbal Fiberblend Capsules
    Now available in capsule form! For the most convenience in cleansing and detoxification.
    Retail Price 56.00
    Your Price 46.00
    Herbal Release in Canada AIM Herbal Release
    Combination of herbs, helps maintain a healthy lymphatic system which is integral to maintaining our immune system.
    Retail Price 36.00
    Your Price 30.00
    JustCarrots in Canada AIM JustCarrots Powder
    Provides a convenient and effective way to add beta carotenoids, alpha carotenids, and vitamin C to your diet.
    Retail Price 55.00
    Your Price 45.00
    Peak Endurance in Canada AIM Peak Endurance Powder
    A great tasting sports drink proven to elevate ATP levels within the body.
    Retail Price 57.50
    Your Price 47.00
    Mag-nificence in Canada AIM Mag-nificence Powder
    Mag-nificence CWR is a magnesium bath additive that provides an effective way of increasing cellular absorption of this essential mineral without having to take an oral supplement.
    Retail Price 16.00
    Your Price 13.00
    PrepZymes in Canada AIM PrepZymes
    A combination of digestive enzymes, helps our body break down foods so we get more nutrients per meal.
    Retail Price 35.50
    Your Price 29.00
    Proancynol in Canada AIM Proancynol
    Proancynol 2000 combines seven proven antioxidant-rich ingredients: Alpha-lipoic acid, Grape seed extract, Green tea extract, Lycopene, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, Rosemary extract and Selenium.
    Retail Price 43.00
    Your Price 35.00
    ProPeas in Canada AIM ProPeas
    Provides 12 grams of protein in a low-sugar, low-carb, low-fat concentrate.
    Retail Price 56.00
    Your Price 46.00
    ReAssure in Canada AIM ReAssure SP
    This unique product is an excellent supplement to help maintain prostate health as men age. Extracts used include saw palmetto berry extract, pumpkin seed oil, zinc citrate, and lycopene to maintain prostate health.
    Retail Price 42.00
    Your Price 34.00
    RediBeets in Canada AIM RediBeets
    Provides one of the most convenient ways to achieve an improved diet with iron supplementation.
    Retail Price 47.00
    Your Price 39.00

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